Registration Fees

Registration Fee

Please find below the registration fees for all types of attendees:

Registration Type Registration Fee (RMB)
Non-student paper submission registration 3000 RMB
Student paper submission registration 2500 RMB
Attendee registration 2000 RMB

Registration Due: 10st July 2023
Please note that for each accepted paper, at least one author must register as the author of the paper. If you submit more than one article, each additional article will incur a fee of ¥2000 per article.

Payment Information

You can make your registration payment via bank transfer or Alipay transfer. Please refer to the details below for more information.
请在转账中务必备注: ICIRA2023+姓名+(文章编号,如果有), 例如:ICIRA2023-张三.
Important!!! When making the transfer, please include the following information in the transfer details: ICIRA2023, your name, and the paper ID (if applicable). eg. ICIRA2023-San Zhang

Option1: Bank Transfer (银行转账)

Receiver (公司名称):杭州临云智酷会展有限公司
LC NO (统一信用证号): 91330113MABQY2J37Y
Address(地址): 杭州市临平区兴国路505号3幢A216室
Tel (电话): 0571-89371916
BankName (开户行): 民生银行杭州临平支行
Account (账号): 636179489

Option2: Alipay Transfer (支付宝)

Scan the following QR code for Alipay transfer.
Alipay QR Code

Conference Registration

After completing the transfer, please make sure to register your registration information by clicking on the link below. It is recommended to complete your registration once you have confirmed that your paper has been accepted or that you will definitely be participating in the conference.