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Hotel Reservation

Please find below the accommodation fees for all types of attendees:

Room Type Accommodation Fee (RMB)
King-sized Room 500 RMB/per room per night
Standard Room 550 RMB/per room per night

Room reservation Due: June 28, 2023
Please note that If it is overtime or exceeds the number of available rooms, you need to wait for the hotel to confirm and reply.
会务组预定酒店为:杭州白金汉爵大酒店(杭州市西湖区转塘街道珊瑚沙东路 9号)。

Scan the following QR code for Hotel Reservation.
Hotel Reservation QR Code

如您还需预定酒店,请联系曹女士:17858855946 确认

Conference Venue

Hangzhou Platinum Hanjue Hotel (杭州白金汉爵大酒店)
Address: No.9 East Shanhusha Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China (浙江省杭州市西湖区珊瑚沙东路 9 号)